The 'sperm extractor' has been made for men who decline to masturbate | Metro News - chinese sperm bank masturbate


This "Automatic Sperm Collector" Has Gone Viral For All The Wrong Reasons | IFLScience chinese sperm bank masturbate

"Hospitals mostly use masturbation as their collection method without Last year , a major sperm bank in Beijing told donors they must pledge.

This is a real sperm bank in China, where men actually go the sperm bank, lie down on the bed and the nurses masturbate them to remove (read:masturbate).

Pictures showing a Shanghai Sperm Bank that allegedly "gives men a and abstain from sex and masturbation, then you can donate your sperm 4-5 Dong Zhong Lu, Building 1, 7th FL, near Fu Zhou Lu, Shanghai, China.

Enter the SW-3701 Sperm Extractor, a machine that takes the tedious labor of masturbation out of the process of collecting semen, for donation and diagnosis.

A bizarre sperm extractor helps men in China masturbate in hospital settings. At Fudan Univeristy's sperm bank, only 10 percent of the semen.