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Sacred prostitution, temple prostitution, cult prostitution, and religious prostitution are general . This raises questions as to whether the phenomenon of temple sexual rites can be generalized to the The term might have originated as consecrated maidens employed in Canaanite and Phoenician temples, which became.

"Holy harlots" in Jerusalem, temple sex in the service of Aphrodite? Many ancient authors describe sacred prostitution in drastic terms. Are the.

Ahab, with his wife's encouragement, built a temple to Baal at his capital, Samaria. Asherah was worshiped in various ways, including through ritual sex.

"No Israelite, whether man or woman, may become a temple prostitute.” Deu 23: 17 .. "In Canaanite religion the main emphasis was on fertility and sex. Worship .

While temple prostitutes were part of Canaanite Ashtoreth worship, they Israelite religion incorporated the sexual rites of Ashtoreth worship.