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Finish the expose edge of drywall with Tear Away Beads. Designed to make finishing drywall easier and cleaner with it's patented tear off strip.

AMICO “ZIP STRIP” Ceiling “L” Trim has a removable masking strip that allows this bead to be finished without staining the adjacent ceiling. Perforations and.

Whats up guys. Just wanted to know if you guys have any tips for finishing tear away bead with automatic finishing tools. Is there a way/tool to.

Drywall "Zip Strip" Ceiling "L" Trim is a product in the Gypsum Board Accessories and Trim category. Find submittal-ready datasheets, SDS, specs, ICC-ES.

Vinyl L-Trim with Tear Strip - Use to provide a clean, sharp edge at panel Bead L-Trim provides a protective edge and a guide for the drywall finishing knives.