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While some aspects of Japanese culture is very open to nudity (like . in to any onsens: Hadaka No Tsukiai I think the translation would be.

Inside Japan's 'most exclusive' naked spa the use of onsen bathing as a form of medical treatment is widely practised and it's believed that.

The Japanese cult of relaxation — and, yes, getting naked — is far from jam-packed trains and technology’s endlessly time-gnawing demand. Strip down, bathe and partake in an onsen (hot spring bath), one of Japan’s oldest pastimes. Like most things here, a common occurrence is.

The Japanese even have a word for friendships forged in the nude: hadaka no tsukiai. They believe that once you've removed the barrier of your clothes, you.

Okay, I'll admit it, I was nervous about using a Japanese onsen. I'm not a big nudist. In fact I think the best time to be nude is when you have a.