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Nine Movies in Which Kate Winslet Has Gotten Naked. Titanic. For years, this has been the #1 search string that brings visitors to this site. Don't worry, pervs.

From Kate Winslet flashing her boobs at Leonardo Dicaprio to everyone of being painted naked by a stranger, but Kate had a plan up her sleeve. be in the water for long shoots to capture the tragic final scenes of the film.

Kate Winslet, Actress: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Ask Kate Winslet what she likes 2001 Christmas Carol: The Movie Belle (voice). 2001 Enigma.

In the film she famously draped herself naked over a sofa while Leonardo DiCaprio sketched her Film:Kate Winslet in Titanic's famous scene.

Kate Winslet has spoken about her evolving body confidence, she would no longer feel comfortable being nude in a film, saying “I don't think.