5 Things a Job Recruiter or Staffing Agencies Will Never Tell You - staffing agencies suck


Lola's World: Why recruitment agencies suck staffing agencies suck

Let me put my foot in my mouth for a minute and just state the obvious. Staffing agencies suck! An awful lot of them and they are driving.

Perhaps your resume sucks with no stability and you probably tested poorly. . As far as "collecting resumes" this is a great source for employment agencies to.

Temp agencies and employment agencies suck. They need to be banished from the kingdom. It's just a middleman between you and your.

I am an accountant that's been unemployed for about a month now. Besides the online job boards, I've had friends telling that I go to a staffing agency or find a.

Using a job recruiter or staffing agencies to help you find work? A lot of times, the job can suck, or at least not live up to the preconceived.