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Gay cruising describes the act of searching about a public place in pursuit of a partner for sex. The activity has existed in England and Wales since at least the.

Cruising for sex, or cruising, is walking or driving about a locality in search of a sex partner, In the United States, cruising often takes place in gay bars, adult video arcades often through gloryholes, adult movie theaters, public toilets, parks .

Let's get ship faced we're going on a cruise! It's every gay boy's dream whether you want to admit it or not. From the moment we both came.

Outside of being drunk at a gay bar, I find it very difficult to pick-up in real Before the Internet and dating apps, cruising was used as a mode of.

In the late 90s, gay men looking for anonymous, public sex headed to CruisingforSex.com, a review forum that let cruisers know how, when.