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4 (6-ounce) boneless duck breasts (They may come as 1 butterflied breast. If so, slice down the middle to separate them.) The best ducks are Moscovy ducks.

Recipe, Pan-Seared Duck Breast with Cassis Compote, Bob Blumer, Food Network, The Surreal Gourmet, Glutton for Punishment, World's.

Duck breast with black currant sauce. This recipe is a crowd pleaser. The key ingredient is the crème de cassis — black currant liqueur. It is well worth your while.

Carefully cook the duck breasts in order to render the fat until pink inside. Boil the creme de cassis in a saucepan until reduced by 1/3. Remove.

Duck with cassis sauce is a Parisian classic, and Eric and Bruce Bromberg's version is easy to make at home. The citrus notes play well with the duck breast.