The role of microglia and their CX3CR1 signaling in adult neurogenesis in the olfactory bulb - role of microglia in adult neurogenesis


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In this review, we discuss critical role of microglia in regulating adult neurogenesis. Olfactory Bulb Microglial Activation Adult Neurogenesis.

One of the critical roles of microglia in modulating hippocampal neurogenesis is pruning of newborn cells during the first critical period of.

the adult SVZ to demonstrate that role of microglia in postnatal SVZ.

Microglia were found to play a global role in adult neurogenesis (Ziv and Schwartz, 2008; Ekdahl, 2012; Gemma and Bachstetter, 2013; Sierra.

During adult hippocampal neurogenesis, the majority of newborn cells undergo Here, we focus on another major role of microglia in the adult.