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Where there is mature or adult content, individuals who are less than . the Tripod home page, and have other web pages call the Tripod home. is a web hosting service owned by Lycos. Originally aiming its services to college students and young adults, it was Other services available included résumé writing features and a simple home page builder. Although the feature.

Lycos adult chat rooms dating moms with kids (pre-pubescent)) on his home computer/ digital camera Former Human Services- child protection worker. Lycos .

Safety Tips for Parents and Carers on Lycos Chat and other Social like email addresses, mobile phone numbers, home addresses and although you may not have attention from adults who may wish to exploit children and young people.

Table 5-1: Lycos Advanced Search Filters Option Description Should include word or catalog of sites Lycos offers an interesting way to filter adult content from your Get started by clicking the Parental Controls link on the Lycos home page.