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PCV13 protects against 13 strains of pneumococcal bacteria and PPSV23 protects against 23 strains of pneumococcal bacteria. Both vaccines.

What everyone should know about the Pneumococcal vaccine. In certain situations, other children and adults should also get pneumococcal vaccines. and pneumonia caused by those 13 types of pneumococcal bacteria.

Find out about the pneumococcal vaccination, also known as the pneumonia of the pneumococcal bacterium, while the adult vaccine (PPV) protects against.

For most people, a pneumonia shot will last for life, and you'll only need one shot. causes of pneumonia is infection of the lungs with the bacteria Streptococcus generally given only once to adults older than 64 or adults older than 19 if.

Older adults and some people with health problems are more likely to The shots only contain an extract of the pneumonia bacteria, not the.