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Mar 5, 2019 Finding love is complicated, and even more so as a double amputee. Alicia Carver tells us how she overcame body image issues and her.

Jun 21, 2016 In high school, kids became mature about it. Being an amputee stopped defining me in the dating world, and it didn't seem to bother guys.

Hmm alot of good statements and alot of bad. I'm a double above the knee amputee, just lost my legs with in a two years frame, my left leg was amputated three.

Aug 9, 2016 People stare. Children stare. Adults stare. It is something out of the ordinary to see someone coming through the street with no legs. Or robot.

The Bilateral Above-Knee Amputee Bootcamp is a challenging 3-day workshop strengthening the abilities of the Event Dates: October 10-12, 2019. Yvonne.